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Trained Protection Dogs

Protection dogs







Having a Protection Dog trained by a dog handler can benefit your lifestyle in many ways. A protection dog not only provides companionship but can also added protection to your home and personal safety. However, it is important to know the difference between a watch dog and a protection dog. Nearly any dog can be a watch dog. Their role is to alert their owners of strangers who are approaching their property but are in no way trained to actively protect against an intruder. Where as protection dogs can be trained to restrain an intruder and essentially do whatever they can to protect their owner and home.

A variety of different breeds can be protection dogs but one of the most common is German Shepherds. This is because of their build. German Shepherds have a strong stature but are still extremely agile unlike other large dogs. Their proportions mean they can be intimidating enough to deter an intruder but also fast enough to take actions against one. As well as this German Shepherds are also exceedingly loyal which is another reason why they are used as protection dogs. They are obedient, especially when trained by a dog handler, so will therefore not betray their owners which ensures your protection.

Benefits of Protection Dogs

Another benefit of German Shepherds is there affection. This breed of dog is known for being good around kids as well as social in crowds. They settle straight into your home becoming part of the family however never loose their natural instinct to protect and defend its ‘pack’. German Shepherds are used in many areas of security services including police forces, army and rescue teams.

If you are worried about your safety at home a protection dog is definitely a great way to up security and help you feel more comfortable especially at night. Dogs trained by a dog handler can handle break-ins effectively and can either disable an intruder through instinct or on command till the police arrive to your property. Police recorded 1.2 million violence against the person offences in a year ending March 2017 which was an 18% increase compared to the previous years. The shocking fact of this is that 40% of these crimes resulted in injury which brings a higher need to security more than ever.

Factors of Investing in a Protection Dog

One factor which deters people from investing in a protection dog is the price. Due to their extensive training they may be more expensive than an untrained dog, but the question is can you ever put a price on your family’s and your own safety. A protection dog will arrive at your home and after bonding with you will be all set to protect you in many circumstances.

Protection dogs are unquestionably a great way to protect your family. German Shepherds possess their loyalty and strong stature which makes them unmatched in terms of success as the protection dog. Other breeds like Dobermanns and Dutch Hurders also serve as viable protection dogs especially if trained by a dog handler prior. Either way, a protection dog may be the right solution t your home security worries.

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